When we lit the first Bonfire match

We created Bonfires after many years of retailing other brands of outdoor fires in the market and struggling to find a cost effective installed solution.  We wanted to offer a beautifully designed quality product that didn’t rust and took the worry out of installation so you can enjoy all that outdoor fireplaces have to offer.  We love outdoor fireplaces and the amazing long nights that just evolve with friends and family.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need a permit?

You  shouldn’t as the cooking system qualifies the fire as a BBQ but we always recommend you check with your local council.

Can we put our fire on our boundary?

Council regulations generally require the fire to be 1m from the boundary and,  when placing the fire, consideration of neighbours is a good idea.

How hot will my fire be?

Bonfires have been carefully designed after many years of testing.  Consisting of a non rusting quality fire brick lined firebox designed for maximum draw , your Bonfire will put out a huge amount of heat while being very fuel efficient.

What installation is involved?

Bonfires are installed and plastered onsite ready to light.  Prices are fixed  (within 100km of Wellington, other areas will incur a small travel charge).  unless there are access issues. If there are access issues we will provide you with a fixed quote based on what is required.  We have some serious installation equipment including hijab trucks, spider cranes, petrol wheelbarrows etc so we can’t get the fires nearly anywhere.  We love a challenge.

How long does it take to get my fire installed?

We aim to have your Bonfire installed within 4 weeks as we know you will be excited about receiving your new fire .  Once onsite wee can generally complete the installation  the same day.

Can my fire be put on my wooden deck?

No, the fire is too heavy to be placed onto a wooden deck but up to metre high we can build a block base to elevate the fire to match the deck.  Please contact us to discuss . There are often solutions available to make your installation work.

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    All Bonfires come supplied with a full firebrick lined firebox. Nothing beats the radiant heat of an outdoor wood fire. For entertainment you just can’t beat a night gathered around a Bonfire.